A Look Inside My Internship

Hey y’all!

For those of you who don’t already know, I am spending my spring semester in Nashville, Tennessee, for an internship at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum! I am a marketing intern and am so excited to be gaining so much knowledge and experience within this field. As a marketing intern, I have numerous projects assigned to me by my boss each day and I love having so many responsibilities in this role!


I start each day by scanning in at the security office before heading up to my office area upstairs. The first thing I do after sitting down at my desk is check my work emails to see if my boss has sent me any new projects for the day. If he has, he usually comes down to my office shortly after to further explain what he wants me to complete for him.

My boss, Ryan, is amazing and extremely nice. I was originally so nervous for this internship but all of my stress was gone after meeting him. He is easy to talk to and really laid-back. We are also relatively close in age, which helps us relate on some levels. He shared with me that he graduated from Butler and it turns out that he knows one of my close friends who currently goes there!

Some of the projects Ryan has assigned me so far have included editing marketing plans, writing Facebook and Twitter content for the museum and Studio B, completing guest surveys outside of the Hatch Show Print, completing social media reports, and so much more! The Hatch survey is the only project that doesn’t have a deadline as this is something that I do every day.


The Hatch Show is a printing press company that is inside the Museum. Guests can take a tour of this area and also shop in the attached gift shop, where they can purchase original prints from the Hatch Show Print. In the photo above, you can see where I stand outside Hatch for an hour every day asking guests to complete a survey to share their input on this section of the museum.

Besides my time spent doing the Hatch surveys, I spend most of my day at my desk working on and completing projects. One of the most exciting things about my “job” is my office and desk area. All of the interns work in the same large room on the opposite end of the actual staff members’ offices. In the intern room, cubicles line both walls, giving each of us our own private space.


We’re on the 4th floor and have a nice break area that includes a fresh pot of coffee every morning, a fridge to keep our lunches in, and vending machines. I love to start each workday with a cup of hot coffee!

Every day is a new adventure and I am always excited to go to work. I am so grateful for this opportunity and am happy that I have been introduced to the marketing field. This is something that is totally new to me but also something that I can see myself falling in love with. I can definitely see myself wanting to pursue a career in marketing after graduating from college!

4 thoughts on “A Look Inside My Internship

  1. So exciting to hear from you, I have been thinking about you. Happy you have this opportunity and you may be discovering your path. Would love to hear more about Nashville and where you’re staying., maybe your next entry.



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